I want to be you

October 26, 2007

[Don’t be frightened.]
[It will be over so quick and you won’t feel a thing.]

Of course she couldn’t hear him, and in fact he really didn’t know if it would be quick or painless. But then he really didn’t care all that much.

In the beginning it had been merely for survival. And the first time had been the hardest. He had the help of an army of lab technicians the support of a nation and his was the last experiment before total destruction.

He didn’t care. HE had survived. That is all that mattered.

[I like your smile and the way you sip your mojito and glance at me from under you eyelashes.]

They had thought him their pawn but he understood the relationship much better than they. He had used them to live beyond the normal realm of human life.

Over time it had become much easier. With each transfer he refined his tools until they became the size of a book. Then the size of a ring.

[Yes, yes of course we should kiss. I like the way this is going too. Mmmm you taste nice. Strawberry?]

For a time it had become a hobby. He upgraded his skin as his whims dictated. One year he committed 7 transfers, 2 in one week.

He bored of that fairly quickly.

Style is so shallow.

[Your place? I’d love too. I know, I know, I never do this sort of thing on the first date either.]

Then for awhile it became a form of art.

Choosing carefully, planning judiciously, executing flawlessly.

That too became boring. It felt too much like a job.

[I’m nervous too. Yes it is a beautiful view, you have a beautiful place. I think you are beautiful.]

Now it was a matter of letting the winds of fate decide to whom he went. He felt he was in tune with nature or God or Satan. Nothing more than a pawn again but this time for chaos.

It wasn’t hard.

There was always another human, they kept making more.

[Your skin is so smooth.]
[Bedroom? I’m ok. No, no, you’re not rushing things. I know it does feel right doesn’t it.]

Where was he now?

[Oh yes, that’s right, LA.]

150 years after he was born.

The sex was sometimes a distraction. But this time he felt the rhythm would only help the transfer process. She felt so good beneath him. He was going to enjoy this one especially if he timed it just so…

[Yes I’m close too.]

He brought his hand up behind her head and placed the ring just under the occipital bone.

It was always so easy. He willed his mind to transfer through the ring as his body was enveloped in ecstasy.

Peeled layers of light were scraped from his vision. Electricity was pulled from the tips of his fingers inward towards his gut and spine, spun there briefly then rushed and expunged from the husk.

Her eyes flew open.

“AH!” Was all she said as the invasion began, but it was too late. By the time they knew it was happening it was always too late.

Then a reversal: the same spinning of electricity and thin sheets of light lain upon him.


He felt the last of her ecstasy as well.


Then Blackness

Later. He…she woke.

He…she stood unsteadily; it always took a few days to settle into the new gender. She looked down on the now cold corpse at her feet. This was always the hard part. Disposal. But she was prepared. She had prepared the necessary equipment. It would be done by morning.

[I am the first immortal. A self made vampire who lives on through a string of pearl like souls. Unbroken.]

She smiled, it was not a nice smile on such a beautiful face. She would need to work on that.


One comment

  1. An interesting spin, you kind of know where it’s going then it goes in a slightly different direction. Have you read any Fiona Mcintosh – she uses a similar idea to put a different spin on heroic fantasy. Worth a look.

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