Friday Flash Fiction – Half-Man

January 18, 2008

The taste of crisp bacon. The smell of a grassy field on a summer day.

It’s things like that I miss.

My children, grand children, great-grand children and on and on; don’t know those things. All they know about is this world under the sea.

But me? I remember because I was the first.

I am a made thing. But I was first a man and I remember those things. The warmth of the sun on a brisk fall morning. Chocolate cake.

They in their blissful ignorance do not wallow in self-pity as I do. I am old now, so old I do not remember. Surely it has been a hundred years since he made me.

At first it was exhilarating. Living under the sea, breathing water not air, strong as an ox, king of all the sea. The dolphins quickly acknowledging that fact.

She was with me then, my Queen and we reveled in our power.

But she’s been gone now for a long time. And they don’t need me anymore. They find me odd, call me half-man. And by man they mean it to be insulting. It isn’t; it just hurts.

I want to leave them to their kingdom for it is not mine anymore.

I want to drink a beer.

Feel the warmth of a campfire.

Breath air.



  1. Welcome aboard Greg. A strange, wistful tale – I liked it a lot.

  2. […] Addendum: This week the Friday Flash Fictioneers are joined by a new comer: Greg O’Byrne with Half-Man. […]

  3. Seconding the welcome here. Good one

  4. Hey Greg, welcome aboard. You have a confident writing style and you set this tale up very economically. Nice work.

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys.

  6. Welcome aboard, Greg, and congratulations on a great start. As Neil says, a wistful and nostalgic tale. Pushes all the right buttons. 🙂

  7. Hi Dan – welcome to the Friday Flashers (as I still prefer to think of us). It took me a little while to get into this one, but about half way down I clicked with what you were trying to do and suddenly it became a very moving read. Nice.

  8. […] This week the Friday Flash Fictioneers are joined by a new comer: Greg O'Byrne with Half-Man. Share and […]

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