Friday Flash Fiction: Nirvana

February 8, 2008

A shorty but a goody.  Makes me chuckle.

Karl sat in his lotus overlooking the vast warm ocean, the sunset on the horizon taking an eternity to fall below the water.

The evening was warm.

The breeze was light and smelled freshly swept up from the waters far below.

He had found the end of his search. The perfect location to attain nirvana. He began his breathing focusing on his inner eye, forgetting himself.

He had traveled halfway across the galaxy, planet hopping from every earthlike planet he came across. Searching for a place just like this.

Now…here…he had found perfection.

Relaxation fell upon him.


“Bridgette, would you look at this GAWD DAMN view!” A brash voice piped up behind Karl.

“ooooh Leroy, you ARE right, ain’t it grand.” Click went a camera, smack went some gum.

Karl stood up, glowered at the two of them in their garish outfits and sunglasses.

[Fucking tourists! Can’t I get away from the FUCKING tourists!] Thought Karl angrily.

With that he teleported out to the next planet, searching for the elusive solitude he sought.



  1. 🙂 Made me smile.

  2. “As soon as everyone finds the best place in the world, it ceases to be the best place in the world.” – Anon

    “Hell is other people.” – Jean Paul Satre.

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