John of the farm.

January 16, 2009

Just a little piece.


John raised his eyes up from his toil. The sun was hot on his back, but he was used to it.

“Yes love.”

“It’s another one of them John, I…”

“I know Mary, I’ll talk to them.”

He rubbed his hands, tied the reigns of his oxen to the plow and walked off towards the barn.

Mary turned to follow him; he gave a weary smile reached out a hand. She took it and they walked together to the prim red structure across the field.

When they got to the barn the sparkle from one of the transcendent was easy to spot.

**why** The sparkle half talked, half thought towards them from the corner of the barn.

“I have to ask you to leave.” John was tired of their questions. At first he had tried to explain to them, but their way of life always confused beings who had made the transition. There was complete disconnect between their existence now.

**we do not comprehend**

“go” and he turned to leave them unanswered.

**you do not understand what you are missing**

John stopped and turned to look at them, “I’ve tried to explain it to you before. We are as you see. I farm, we love, there is nothing more.”

**but there is so much more**

“Of what VALUE is what you offer? It is electrons and ether. I deal in dirt and corn.”

Perplexed the other grew stubborn and did not leave.

**You are foolish, you do not know what you give up**

Finally John understood and he smiled at his wife, “No it is you who are the fool. There is nothing richer than love and growing something with your own hands.”

**Come to us, you will see**

“Forget you! Leave me alone” He turned and together with Mary they left the barn. There would be other “guests”. They do not understand each other the transcendent and the natural.

“John, why don’t they ever truly leave us alone?”

They walked slowly back across the field to the plow, “They cannot see the beauty and love that we live in Mary. They only see the hard work and short life. None of the value and love.”


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