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Brainstorm – How would you, Mr. Galactic Emperor, attack a solar system.

May 19, 2008

I’m working on a storyline and I have some interesting ideas about how I would attack a solar system.  I want to hear yours.

I have some basic ground rules.

  1. Adhere, in general, to Einsteinian rules of the road.
    1. some leeway with interstellar travel (wormholes etc.) but within the confines of the solar system nada mucho.
  2. You want to conquer not obliterate.
  3. You are not a god, you can’t just use all the energy of seven nearby stars to encapsulate the solar system or some other “Q” level power.
  4. Assume a moderate level of human solar system colonization.
    1. A couple million or more on mars.
    2. some in the asteroids.
    3. some further out.
  5. If you take too long, we’re gonna fight back.

What would be your battle plan, how would you conquer those totally weak humans and make them your vassals.