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When Least Expected – Up pops some new material from Daniel Keys Moran.

May 20, 2008

If you have not read his work you are truly missing out.  He has only published a handful or so of novels but amongst them are some doozies!

My recommendation is to start with Emerald Eyes.  It reads a bit choppy in places but treat it like a prelude.  The follow up books in the series are remarkable.  The scope of the “Continuing Time” universe is daunting…but he stopped at three books.

  1. Emerald Eyes
  2. The Long Run
  3. The Last Dancer

And then sheesh 15 years of silence as DKM went on to a different career.  During that time the first three chapters of the next novel the AI war was posted but nothing more.  And that was around 2000 or so.

Since then all hope of an actual completed novel has pretty much vanished.

Until now.

Interlude: The Crystal Wind

…can hope be rekindled.  Will we finally get to enjoy more exploits of Trent the Uncatchable?  And what exactly is the connection to the House of November and the Great Wheel of existence…

…maybe it’s just a snippet on his computer…